Raising awareness of the quality teaching with students’ involvement

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Author(s)Hermina Pika Radmilovič, Rok Hržič
In accordance with the HE Act, the University of Maribor has among the governing bodies also the Students’ Council that is led by the student who is a Vice-rector and has an important role, especially in the university development of quality system. This means that the students have possibilities to influence decisions at the highest level within the University. The central role of students is crucial also in the assessment and quality of teaching. The University is currently developing professional development activities in teaching and learning as well as the training programs for other staff. The system did not exist for the institution as a whole. With the strong partnership of students, a series of activities are developed that help raising awareness of the quality teaching among the academic community at the University. The presentation will introduce the system of students’ role in this process with various examples.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2014 9th EQAF