European Students’ Union QUEST for quality for students project outcomes

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Author(s)Liliya Ivanova
Despite many efforts and the recognition of the students’ role in quality assurance through the European Standards and Guidelines, in practice students are not often asked to present their views on quality in HE. Sometimes this is also due to the fact that students are not able to articulate their views due to a lack of basic information about their study programme, expected learning outcomes, or existing quality assurance mechanisms. This is why ESU has launched its QUEST project, which through research and training activities aims to identify students’ views on quality and ways to enhance it. Through a pan-European students’ survey, the project looks at what students perceive as important aspects of quality, what kind of information they need to understand the enhancement processes better and become an active part of them. The survey was preceded by desk research and national site visits to different countries to look for interesting examples where students are in the centre of quality enhancement and assurance.
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