The role of the administrative staff in the internal quality assurance systems: the case of the state-funded universities in Poland

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Author(s)Agnieszka Feliks-Długosz, Piotr Ciesielski
The paper focuses on the role played by the administrative staff in the internal quality assurance systems managed by the universities in Poland. Conducted analysis concerned the professional liability and duties served by the teaching quality offices, i.e. the units of the all-university administration specializing in running the pro-quality initiatives: the research data was gathered from the websites of the Polish state-funded universities and then processed to create a classification of the most frequently managed teaching quality tasks and projects. In that it was possible to assess the efficiency and scope of the implementation of ENQA-approved Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area. The research results form a basis for a discussion on the optimal use of the staff potential in the enhancement of the university teaching prospects and perspectives.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2014 9th EQAF