Quality Assurance: A Departmental Administrator’s View

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Author(s)Anne Craven
In this paper, I make a case for how a Departmental Administrator – a departmental general manager in the UK university system – can creatively work with both departmental and central Quality Office staff to ensure that today’s diverse student cohorts receive an enhanced quality learning experience throughout their studies. This includes e.g. making sure that the departmental programme and course specifications are fit for their purposes; ensuring that the department operates according to regulations concerning academic standards; communicating with other departments to share best practice in quality assurance; and liaising with central university staff and external bodies regarding issues of quality. To aid this discussion, I explore the concepts of quality and standards, especially as seen by the UK Quality Assurance Agency; discuss the benefits of a departmental ‘quality cycle’ of continuous improvement; and examine the connections of quality policies to strategy creation. Key issues here include the collaboration between academics and administrators, and between different echelons of administration.
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