The realization of Bologna Process in Russia: the appearance of independent quality assurance system.

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Author(s)Yuri Rubin, Aleksey Belokopytov, Evgenia Gorlacheva
In the 21st century human capital increasingly occupies center stage. In present time the driving force of economics – competition – comes down to knowledge competition. In all universities the number of students increased annually. However the knowledge-based economy demands more to the quality of higher education. While linking higher education training to labor markets is a fundamental component of ensuring that educational inputs have the greatest possible payoffs for both societies and individuals, it might well be the case that even more than the composition of education, it‟s the quality that really matters. The question is what are the best evaluation mechanisms to ensure excellence and how should these mechanisms balance equity and diversity?
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2009 4th EQAF