Experiences with the Use of ISO 9001 to Comply with the European Standards and Guidelines in Three Spanish Agencies

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Author(s)Sandra Marcos, Núria Comet, Luis Velón
This article attempts to explain how the internal quality management system introduced by three quality assurance agencies in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard has served as the basis for compliance with the European standards and guidelines (ESG) for quality assurance laid down for quality assurance agencies.
A comparison is made of each of the European guidelines with the requirements of ISO 9001, and the article goes on to explain the specific actions that have been carried out to comply with both standards.
In summary, the experience of the three agencies is intended to serve as an example to show:
- the correlation between ISO 9001 standard for Quality Assurance Systems and the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
- the compatibility of the two standards, which allows for compliance with both without the need for any additional effort
- the importance of having a sound internal quality assurance system as the basis for complying with the European standards and guidelines (ESG) for quality assurance agencies as a requirement to be a member of ENQA
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