TELOS – Teaching Evaluation, Learning Outcome Sustained

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Author(s)Bernhard Kernegger
This paper introduces a quality assurance procedure, TELOS, which has been designed specifically for course evaluation at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and covers a full PDCA cycle of individual teaching. This procedure has to cope with a considerable diversity of courses, covering a broad spectrum of artistic and scientific content, for larger and smaller groups of students, even for one-to-one teaching settings. Learning outcomes formulated by the teachers for every course and every semester are used as a starting point for an assessment by students.
After describing the institutional background and the development of quality management, principles and functionalities of TELOS are introduced, also commenting on the possibilities for teachers to design and tailor their evaluation questionnaires, according to their specific needs. Teachers also declare how their courses contribute to objectives of study programmes and to overall objectives of the university, in order to secure the institutional embedding of a highly individual approach to evaluation.
In its final section, the paper summarizes the critical points of the process of implementation and how the staff (faculty) of the University of Applied Arts Vienna was integrated in the development. It concludes with a short assessment of the current situation and offers an outlook towards future potentials.
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