Integrated Quality Management System at Tomsk Polytechnic University

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Author(s)Alexander Chuchalin, Alexander Zamyatin
For the time being, institutional quality management systems and systems for academic programme quality assurance are not appropriately integrated at the majority of Russian and European universities. As a result, the efficiency and effectiveness of institutional quality management systems are very much limited. The solution to the problem could be putting together all quality assurance tools applied by a university to a complex system aimed at achievement of a principal target – high quality of education and graduates’ competitiveness on national and international labour markets by means of necessary competencies acquisition.
The suggested approach is being adapted at Tomsk Polytechnic University by means of the development of an integrated quality management system (QMS). The subsystems of the presented integrated QMS are a competency-based standard for academic programmes, evaluation and accreditation criteria and procedures, HEI’s processes management and strategic management of a university.
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