Quality audits – fit for purpose? Student-centred learning, teaching and assessment and external reviews of higher education institutions’ internal quality management

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Author(s)Dietlinde Kastelliz, Friederike Leetz
In 2015 the ESG shall be revised to improve their clarity, applicability and usefulness. It is to be expected that the development of the Bologna Process and in particular the shift from teaching to learning will also be taken into account. A new standard on studentcentred learning has already been proposed to the BFUG. Pronounced as a “major addition”, it could be challenging to implement this standard or a comparable one into internal and external quality assurance. This challenge might be particularly present for those external quality assurance approaches whose focus is on higher education institutions’ quality management systems, because the reviews tend to address quality aspects of teaching and learning rather indirectly. In the light of the estimated “studentcenteredness” this paper shall analyse and compare quality audits in a number of European countries on whether they currently refer to student-centred learning and what future measures might be taken.
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