An audit model in Croatia – A study based on a pilot project of three HEIs

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Author(s)Vesna Dodiković-Jurković, Višnja Petrović
By signing the Bologna Declaration in 2001 Croatia has started a process of serious transformation of its higher education system. Today, quality, quality assessment and enhancement of a quality culture are a major focus for the Croatian academic society, government and national economy. In the strategic document Education Sector Development Plan 2005-20101 set out by the
Ministry of Science, Education and Sport (MSES), it was stated that:
- Quality assurance units in higher education system of the Republic of Croatia should be established by 2006.
- A binary system should be introduced by the beginning of the academic year 2010/2011.
The Agency for Science, Education and Sport (ASHE) developed a model of external audit of Quality Assurance Units in 2006/07 and tested it through a pilot project at the beginning of 2008. The pilot project was a part of the CARDS 2003 project " Furtherance of the Agency for Science and Higher Education in its Quality Assurance Role and Development of a Supporting Information System" . The present study is based on the analysis of an audit model and outcomes of this Pilot project.
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