“Horton Hears A Who” Listening to the student voice

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Author(s)Katie Akerman
The UK National Union of Students‟ Student Experience Report, 2008 states “92% of students are given the opportunity to provide feedback about their course, yet only 51% of these students believe that this feedback is acted upon. While only 23% of students feel involved in shaping the curriculum or design of their course, 57% would welcome such involvement”. The Centre for Higher Education Research and Information‟s report on student engagement, 2009, demonstrates that universities in England agree, stating “…just over half of HEIs also indicated that they would like to be doing more on student engagement processes…”. So, what more can we do? Part 3, European Standards and Guidelines, standards for external quality assurance agencies states that external quality assurance processes used should include external assessment by experts, including, as appropriate, (a) student member(s). This has led to institutions adopting this approach. But, does it work? And, how else can we engage students effectively in improving the collective learning experience?
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