A Proposal for a Performance Indicator Model for the Spanish Higher Education System

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Author(s)Anna Prades, Sebastián Rodríguez
This paper is the product of a study on drawing up a proposal for an indicator model of higher education for the Spanish university system. An analysis of existing indicator models was carried out for this, and a comparison made with the indicator system for the seven public universities in Catalonia that has been available since 2000. A second stage involved the study of the available performance indicators for Catalonia and how they have been affected by variables that are exogenous to the universities, the aim
being to establish how to draw up the performance indicator reports. The first section of the paper gives a summary of the main conclusions of the documentary analysis; three indicators are used as examples in section two to show the interactions between
performance indicators; and lastly, a proposal is made for an indicator model for the HE system in Catalonia that is both feasible and more complete than the one currently used.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2008 3rd EQAF