Conceptualising Student Engagement: A Co-creation Perspective

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Author(s)Tina Harrison, Hazel Marzetti
The term student engagement is used widely in relation to quality assurance and enhancement. Student engagement is expected to lead to an enhanced student experience and improved student performance and contribute to increased student satisfaction. Despite the ubiquitous use of the term, the meaning of student engagement as a concept is debated. In order to harness the benefits from student engagement – for both students and universities – it is essential that we have a common understanding of the concept. Based on a literature review, and guided by the approach to student engagement adopted at the University of Edinburgh, this paper proposes a conceptual framework for understanding the construct of student engagement that sets out both what it is and how it potentially can be influenced. Consistent with the theme of the conference – working together to take quality forward – the paper proposes a conceptualisation of student engagement from a co-creation perspective.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2013 8th EQAF