Cross Border Quality Audit: The University of Graz Experience

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Author(s)Andreas Raggautz
Quality management plays a key role in the development of the European higher education systems. Autonomous higher education institutions as well as stakeholders use external quality assurance as a basis to improve the quality of institutions and foster mutual trust. In 2008, the E4 set a milestone by establishing EQAR to support the development of common procedures of external quality assurance and to promote compliance with the agreed ESG (adopted in Bergen) for the work of agencies across Europe. In the Bucharest Communiqué the ministers committed to allowing EQAR-registered agencies to perform their activities across the EHEA. This session will present a case study on cross-border external evaluations. During 2012—2013, the University of Graz (Austria) was audited in a cross-border arrangement by the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC), which has been conducting quality audits since 2005. In the session, both FINHEEC and the University of Graz will present their experiences, challenges and solutions regarding the audit. This will be embedded in a broader view on cross-border evaluations in Europe by EQAR, including recent developments.
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