Why respecting diversity and creativity is essential in quality assurance and accreditation processes – observations and experiences in the field of music

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Author(s)Linda Messas, Martin Prchal
In line with the EQAF‟s objective to address how internal and external quality assurance approaches take account of institutional diversity and support creativity in higher education, this paper shares several observations based on the experiences gained with quality assurance and accreditation issues in the field of music. Music is one of those academic disciplines that exemplify the diversity of the European higher education landscape: most Conservatoires, Musikhochschulen, Music Universities and Music Academies are independent institutions, which, although being firmly embedded in the higher education systems, are set up differently than other higher education institutions. Music is also a discipline that has taken a pro-active approach to quality assurance and accreditation at the European level. The observations clearly show the necessity for quality assurance and accreditation procedures to be sensitive to diversity and creativity in higher education, and can undoubtedly be extended to other academic disciplines.
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