Training of students as experts for external quality assurance – the Swiss experience

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Author(s)Christian Schneijderberg, Monika Risse
VSS-UNES-USU the National Union of Students of Switzerland and the Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance of the Swiss Universities (OAQ) started with conceptualising, implementing and training of a pool of student experts for external quality assurance assessments in 2007. Before the cooperation began several challenges had to be faced. One challenge was and still is the continuous organic growth of a culture of quality enhancement in the Swiss higher education system. The second challenge – due to the lack of tradition of student participation in Quality Assurance in the Swiss Higher Education System – was to set up a legal basis for the integration of students in external quality assurance. The Swiss experience may be of interest for all countries/QA agencies/student unions to see how such initiative can be realised. Also the role of students is of big importance when discussing about participation in internal and external quality assurance.
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