Integrating the student feedback in the faculty quality management

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Author(s)Liviu Ilies, Codruta Osoian, Monica Zaharie, Gelu Gherghin
In the context of an ever growing competitive educational market, universities acknowledge the need to integrate the students’ perspective within the quality management system. Despite the fact that student evaluation of teaching has been an active area of research for more than half a century, given the particularities of the Romanian education system, it is necessary to further analyze the relevance of the international findings within the national context. This study presents the results obtained at the students’ ratings of instruction along 3 consecutive years at a Romanian university and the factors found to interfere with students’ ratings. The students consider their appraisal of low importance for improving the teaching performance and tend to be reluctant in filling in the questionnaires. Nevertheless, the average evaluation scores show an increase of the ratings across the three academic years. Given the information offered, if properly interpreted by taking into account the biasing factors, the student feedback represents a fundamental human resource quality management technique for higher education institutions.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2009 4th EQAF