Thematic quality review as a supplement to departmental quality reviews: a case study within the Irish university system

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Author(s)Heinz Lechleiter
The Irish universities’ quality assurance and improvement system is well established and successful since its introduction in the late 1990ies. It takes the form departmental reviews of both academic departments (Schools, Faculties and Research Centres) as well as administrative and support units. The case study reports on the introduction of thematic reviews in Dublin City University with the
intention of bridging the gaps that arise from a departmental approach to quality related matters. The theme of the first review of its kind in the Irish university sector was First year and Beginner Student Experience (to include transfer and international students). Characteristic features of thematic reviews, associated difficulties, and ways of coping with such difficulties are shown using the key areas of complexity, leadership, timing and originality of thematic reviews. A short summary of the results of the review and an overview of some of the main distinguishing features of thematic vs. departmental reviews conclude the case study.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2008 3rd EQAF