Criteria Identification for Study Program Quality Assessment and Ranking

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Author(s)Dainis Dosbergs, Juris Borzovs
The authors present different approaches for higher education institution (HEI) or HEI’s study course quality evaluation as well as introduce a new solution for assessing and ranking study programs based on identification and evaluation of quality criteria. The aim of this research is to define the set of criteria that can be used for study program quality evaluation and ranking. Later on these quality
criteria are to be analysed by the group of experts. In the first section the authors review world’s experience in creating rankings and also identify it strengths and weaknesses. In the second section the authors examine Latvian experience in creating rankings and quality evaluation activities using accreditation. In the third section the authors compare concepts of ranking and quality. In the final section the authors include criteria for ICT study program quality assessment that are presented to experts for detailed analysis as well as describe a method that can be used to identify quality extent of different ICT study program.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2008 3rd EQAF