Dialog-based student feedback: formative approaches to evaluate academic teaching and as “crisis intervention”

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Author(s)Maiken Bonnes, Christian Ganseuer, Hauke Sanders
Formative student feedback can be used to uncover problems early on and establish a collaborative learning as well as quality culture at universities. Beyond that the quality loops- approach of Internal Quality Assurance Systems most likely need to be stimulated by dialogue intensive tools instead of traditional student satisfaction surveys. Methods such as the Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) and course evaluation via student representatives were practically approved and further developed in a two years project in two faculties of University of Duisburg-Essen. These methods aim to benefit both the quality of student learning and the professional development of the teacher. While TAPs are conducted by an uninvolved moderator, the student representatives have to fulfil different roles, which can be conflicting. In fact, both approaches have strengths and weaknesses especially when they are used as a “crisis intervention” when there are serious problems in class.
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