Quality Management System – a good aid in creating a new joint culture for merging universities: A case study

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Author(s)Sirpa Suntioinen, Kirsi Karjalainen
The present study explores how a Quality Management System, a QMS, can be used as an aid in creating a joint quality culture for two Finnish universities currently undergoing a merger. Through the joint QMS, the new vision, mission, strategy, and the entire organizational culture are made concrete and visible for the staff and students. Regardless of the campus or faculty, it also gives them
the important feeling of having equal opportunities to work and to participate in the development of the new university. The joint strategic indicators and annual management reviews offer good tools to monitor the fulfilment of the strategy and vision, and the merger process as a whole. Our experiences show that creating a joint QMS with transparent process descriptions alongside with the merger process helps the staff and students to adopt the new organizational culture and the new joint practices.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2008 3rd EQAF