Institutional creativity – a challenge for a quality assurance system and its evaluation. A dialogue between an institution and an agency.

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Author(s)Kari Kurkela, Marja-Liisa Saarilammi
In this paper we ask how the QA system in a higher education institution should be designed in order to be relevant in promoting conditions for a creative organisation. This leads to further questions. Can we identify the true sources of creativity in a HEI? For instance, how could we be proactively conscious of the individual, organisational, and social configurations that are the true potential of institutional creativity? Can we list the relevant creativity factors? If so, what is an appropriate QA methodology for assessing such factors in a HEI? Is there a danger of a QA system disturbing creative processes? Taking all the above into account, we must still ask: how can we
design a QA system without producing over-bureaucratisation and cumbersome procedures?
These questions arise from practical needs. A dialogue between an agency and an institution is realised by a Senior Adviser at the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) and a Professor who has been newly appointed as Vice-Rector at the Sibelius Academy (Helsinki, Finland).
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