Teaching Observation: Does it Develop Teaching? A Case Study from South East European University (SEEU)

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Author(s)Heather Henshaw, Zamir Dika, Rufat Osmani, Alajdin Abazi
Governments, regional bodies and individual institutions, employers and students are now demanding a high quality student learning experience and in particular, an improvement in the quality of learning and teaching, within the particular environment of higher education. This case study provides an active example of how a higher educational institution has created and implemented a teaching observation procedure based on critical reflection, individual support, institutional quality assurance and staff training and development, within a challenging, social, economic and political context. It has drawn on European and Bologna policies and guidelines as well as other national schemes in order to shape an effective system. It is intended to offer an individual model
for discussion and generate wider debate about the correlation between layers of quality assurance, and about what methods actually create the conditions and environment for improvement.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2008 3rd EQAF