2009 Bologna Stocktaking findings on the Higher Education Quality Assurance

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Author(s)Andrejs Rauhvargers
2009 Bologna Process Stocktaking was designed to measure progress and carry out qualitative analysis of the implementation of the main Bologna Process action lines, including quality assurance. It was based on the National Reports of the 46 countries. The country answers to the questions demonstrate that there has been progress in the implementation of the various aspects of quality assurance but that the progress has been uneven: generally the progress in external quality assurance seems to be faster than in internal quality assurance, and within internal quality assurance the greatest efforts are still needed in linking programmes with learning outcomes, but especially in designing the student assessment procedures to measure the achievement of the intended learning outcomes. Student participation in quality assurance has grown, but not all countries allow students to be full members of the assessment teams and take decisions. It is somewhat surprising that only one third of countries have assessed their quality assurance agencies. The general conclusion is that several aspects of quality assurance need more time for implementation an that the work will not be completed by 2010.
Some proposals are made regarding the areas implementation of which could benefit from inclusion of these areas in the internal and external quality reviews.
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