Quality internship. Students’ self-assessment in their work-based learning experiences

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Author(s)Roberta Piazza, Simona Rizzari
Assessment in internship is an important part of the learning process aimed to provide a focus on what has been learned during the internship. Using diaries is a strategy to deepen learning, stimulate critical thinking, improve reflective practice and enables learners to valorise what they have learnt. The paper aims to analyse a number of key issues that could affect the quality of the process: students understanding of the purpose of diaries and the support given by tutors in relation to completing a reflective journal. To gain an understanding of these elements, the internship activity of 18 students (course on Expert on Job placement services) was monitored. The research activity carried on was based on the analysis of students journals to determine the extent and level of reflection achieved. Semi-structured interviews were undertaken in order to establish students’ views on the role of journals in promoting reflection and on the guidance given by tutors and teachers.
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