Review on the quality of teaching in higher education Case studies / good practice paper

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Author(s)Fabrice Henard
This paper reflects the early findings of a review been carried out by the OECD programme Institutional Management for Higher Education (IMHE), on the quality of teaching in higher education. That review aims at understanding why and how the institutions support, implement and reward the quality of teaching. The paper focuses on the emergence of the institutional support to the quality of teaching, on the influence of QA on the quality of teaching, and on the evaluation of the quality of teaching by the institutions themselves. A conclusive part points out the importance of the institutional involvement to improve the quality of teaching.
Over 2008, IMHE worked with a group of 28 higher education institutions, which provided vignettes of their practices in the field of quality teaching. Many institutions are in some way hesitant to support the quality of teaching because it might alter academic freedom. However, they now strongly believe that teaching can no longer be neglected at institutional level and be left to individuals; new challenges brought about an institutional interest in to quality of teaching. Institutions become keen on helping the academic community to improve the pedagogical skills and to gear teaching to the current requirements of a diverse audience of students and of the job-markets.
Institutions consider that QA national systems have had an impact on raising the consciousness of the quality teaching within the institution. However, some complain that QA can embrace the complexity of higher education of today (e.g. to appraise the quality of elearning). Evaluation instruments to appraise the quality of pedagogy are indeed lacking. The evaluation of inputs prevails whereas the evaluation of learning outcomes remains utopia for many. But all institutions recognize the importance of defining what quality means for
teachers prior to embarking institutional support.
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