Students’ Course Evaluation. A Shift of Paradigm at University of Luxembourg

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Author(s)Elisa Mazzucato
University of Luxembourg has recognized the difficulty of students’ course evaluation: it has replaced a formal evaluation system with a more open and flexible one, taking into account the dynamic and nonstandard process of teaching and the complexity in quality definition. The paradigm shift has been to provide a system that would allow ongoing improvement of a given course through a solid and continuous cooperation among students, lectures and administration; and not just be the final and definite judgment of the quality of teaching. At the same time it gives managers sufficient information to steer the organization toward its goals by means of a simple set of indicators having essentially a diagnostic purpose. The new evaluation system has shown the way to an innovative paradigm shift on how to consider evaluation results validity: where improvement is the main goal, consistency of meanings across interpreters may become much less important.
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