Tracking the development of a Quality Culture – Is the discourse translated into action?

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Author(s)Jacques Lanarès
The notion of Quality Culture (QC) is raising growing interest. This is not surprising as a QC can take into account the diversity of contexts and leaves space for diverse and creative ways to give concrete expression to Quality. It is also a sound approach for obtaining real effects. QC is seen as a sub-culture of the organisational culture
and, as such, is based on values. The main challenge is therefore the translation of values into practice in the daily life of the institution. Increasing the impact of QA mechanisms requires observation of the development of the QC. The central question of this paper concerns identifying ways of observing and monitoring this development. The literature on organisational culture has been used to develop a simple grid to observe the evolution of a QC. The use of this grid is illustrated with examples drawn from our own University.
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