Peer Reviews in Higher Education Institutions

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Author(s)Ronny Heintze, Solveig Randhahn
Peer review is a well-established tool in accreditation and quality assurance for HEIs in Europe. Looking at the experiences and contributions of the participants from different higher education systems this workshop aims to address the different ways and strategies to prepare and organise a peer review and to deal with the results of a peer review. Based on the experiences of the University of Applied Sciences Aachen and the German accreditation agency AQAS, the workshop will combine the HEI perspective with the perspective of an external agency. After a short introduction participants will work in groups to discuss different challenges and good practices of peer review processes, based on their own experiences. The contributions will be combined with a joint discussion and identification of common determinants. The workshop addresses participants from HEIs with little as well as with more experience and from accreditation agencies to critically reflect on their peer review systems.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2013 8th EQAF