Improving stakeholder participation in quality assurance in higher education institutions – Sharing the best practices

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Author(s)Marianne Isola, Sari Ahvenlampi
Stakeholder participation in QA activities has recently been the subject of lively discussion in Finland. The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) has audited all higher education institutions, and challenges were revealed concerning, in particular, stakeholder cooperation. Stakeholder cooperation is becoming increasingly important because of the orientation in the curriculum on employability, new legislation and changes in funding. Oulu University of Applied Sciences has focused on improving the cooperation. A recently published paper (Ahvenlampi and Isola) states that stakeholders are involved in QA on many different levels in Oulu UAS. Stakeholders are mainly satisfied with the cooperation. However, the lack of a systematic approach and common practices makes it difficult to compare and evaluate stakeholder cooperation and develop it further. In the workshop the participants will discuss stakeholder cooperation and participation in QA activities and share best practices.
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