Joint NARIC and ENQA Diploma Supplement Project

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Author(s)Guy Aelterman, Susanna Kärki
The Diploma Supplement Project, managed by ENIC-NARIC and ENQA, and financed by the European Commission’s Socrates Programme, collected and cross-examined 26 recent Diploma Supplement samples from 22 EHEA countries in order to reflect on the use and purposes of the Diploma Supplement and use the results to work out an educational tool for the benefit of institutions working with the Diploma Supplement. The cross-reading of the Diploma Supplements was accompanied by three site-visits in different institutions (polytechnic in Finland, engineering school in France and a university in Turkey). The purpose of the project was to compare and contrast good practises, and to collect good examples. In addition to ENIC-NARIC and ENQA, ESU, EUA and Business Europe participated in the project. From the point of view of Quality Assurance there are three ways to look at the Diploma Supplement (product and process) : (1) as a possible tool as regards accreditation of programmes (mutual recognition of evaluation/ accreditation decisions), (2) As a product of the institution, and (3) what kind of IQA and EQA are used / needed in the production process DS.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2008 3rd EQAF, Diploma Supplement