Quality procedures in European Higher Education: ‘Lessons’ from the ENQA 2008 survey and future directions

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Author(s)Božana Knežević, Tanel Sits
The workshop will start from the results of the ENQA 2008 Quality Procedures Project survey and its outcomes and, in particular, present patterns of priorities, purposes, activities and changes in these procedures. The results will be presented in a way that links priorities, purposes and procedures to ‘contexts’ – both local and European - and changes that are occurring in these. The main part of the workshop will involve structured discussions by subgroups, working within different but overlapping areas and each with some ‘starter’ topics / questions. The workshop will conclude with a plenary that will seek to link the key points identified by each group into a wider ‘picture’, and identify where thoughts and actions may most effectively be focussed to further develop and improve quality assurance both within HE institutions and the QA agencies that are responsible for their external evaluation.
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