European quality audits in comparison: Different approaches to institutional diversity

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Author(s)Alexander Kohler, Sirpa Moitus
The workshop will be introduced by a brief analysis of audit practices in several European countries. Analysis will concentrate on questions such as: How do the audit models recognise institutional autonomy? What kind of approaches do the agencies apply in order support the
institutions before and after the audits? Are there areas of common interest among the auditing countries and what could be done together? The analysis will be based on the AQA publication Trends of quality assurance and quality management in HEI (2008) and the discussions conducted within the Quality Audit Network (an unofficial forum for European quality assurance agencies implementing or having implemented audits). Workshop participants are invited to comment current audit approaches in relation to institutional
autonomy in subgroup discussions from different institutional angles. The aim is to identify 2-3 strengths and 2-3 areas in need of further development in audit models. The workshop results could be used in the implementation of audits in HEIs and in the work of individual agencies or quality networks.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2009 4th EQAF