Scotland’s Quality Enhancement Themes: a creative approach engaging the sector and embracing institutional diversity

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Author(s)Claire Carney, Christine Macpherson
Institutional identity and sectoral diversity are well recognised in the Scottish programme of higher education sector Quality Enhancement Themes. Themes aim to enhance the student learning experience and are selected by the sector. They provide a way for institutions, academic and support staff, and students to work together on these shared areas of interest. Themes engage all Scottish higher education institutions in enhancement activities, but each engages with and
implements the Themes according to its institutional priorities, and the interests of its staff and students. At the same time each Theme engages Scottish institutions to work collaboratively and collectively. Through quality enhancement, substantial experience has been gained in working creatively with the sector and its diverse institutions.
This workshop will provide opportunities to
- share experience of the Scottish Quality Enhancement Themes;
- consider the benefits of this type of approach to quality enhancement: at individual, institutional and national levels.
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