On the way to mutual understanding: the terminology of quality assurance

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Author(s)Janet Bohrer, Fiona Crozier, Helka Kekäläinen
Many delegates at the conference will be involved with translating documents into and out of English as part of their work. The use of English as a ‘mediating’ language in quality assurance has the potential for creating confusion and the lack of a shared linguistic understanding has been considered a possible stumbling block in the creation of a European Higher Education Area. Drawing on the experience from previous European discussions this workshop will give participants a chance to explore the meanings they ascribe to certain terminology with the aim of increasing shared understanding. Workshop participants will be able to consider if there are ‘key’ terms that would benefit from a common understanding; if there are particular standards within the European Standards and Guidelines where differing interpretations might lead to difficulties; and without a common understanding what difficulties there might be when working collaboratively, for example, Erasmus Mundus joint degrees.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2008 3rd EQAF