Learning Outcomes

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Author(s)Etelka Tamminen Dahl
The workshop will discuss problems, pitfalls, challenges, student involvement and good practice in curriculum design and enhancement. The quality assurance and evaluation of a study programme will be highlighted.
We will begin with what looks like a virtual workshop, with a rehearsed scenario rather than a panel debate. Some actors sitting among the audience will play different roles (academics, students, quality assurance staff) presenting their various and authentic different opinions on curriculum design. However, the audience will from the very beginning be involved in the discussion. The objective of this form of workshop is to ensure that crucial questions will be raised. As a background for the theme, the workshop will start with a short presentation of the frame for curriculum design on the European level (20 minutes). The introductory presentation will then turn to permeate the elements of a curriculum for a study programme.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2008 3rd EQAF