Addressing your objectives and ensuring a prosperous learning environment

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Author(s)Iren Igesund, Bjørn-Anders Hind
The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance (NOKUT) conducted a quality control at the University of Bergen in 2006. The subsequent evaluation report recommended a clarification of the role of the Learning Environment Committee. A strategy was launched to make the Learning Environment Committee more visible and strengthen the cooperation with relevant organs and units. The strategy included visits and meetings with all faculties, stronger integration of students, establishment of an award for improving the learning environment, and a comprehensive action plan. This strategy has been highly successful, and has transformed the way the university works to ensure a learning environment of high quality and given the committee a prominent position among equivalent committees in Norway. The Learning Environment Committee is a body required by Norwegian law, whose mandate is to promote a good learning environment and improve student welfare on campus. It consists of eight members, with students and staff equally represented.
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