Linking Lifelong learning policies and the stakeholders. A view from the FLLLEX project

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Author(s)Klaas Vansteenhuyse, Margriet de Jong
The FLLLEX project (The Impact of LifeLong Learning Strategies on Professional Higher Education)
is an EU-funded project (1/2010-8/2012) with the objective of identifying challenges and
implications of the incorporation of LifeLong Learning (LLL) into European higher education
institutions (HEIs). A major output was a self-evaluation instrument for HEIs to test their flexibility
and institutional strategy in terms of LLL. This was prepared via a survey of important
stakeholders in LLL and a study of the relevant policies in 8 European countries.
Results will be presented from a study which revealed that HEIs could pay more attention to what
has been termed ‘policy hooks’, being the link between their institutional policies for LLL and the
regional policies. From a broad survey of learners and businesses, the FLLLEX project also
gathered information on which type of supporting policies those stakeholders would need.
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