Blended Learning for Lifelong Learners in a Multicampus Context (MuLLLti)

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Author(s)Y. Blieck, Margriet de Jong, L. Vandeput
Blended Learning seems a promising concept for higher education institutions (HEI). The expectations of all stakeholders: students, lecturers and management are high. To meet these expectations Blended Learning should, unlike e-learning, not mainly focus on the technological component. It should be considered as a vehicle to evolve from a transmission model to a student centered model focused on active learning. For, successful Blended Learning environments facilitate active learning, works with authentic learning tasks that are linked to real life and work contexts and are student centered. Especially lifelong learners can benefit from Blended education in HEI. Technology can not only facilitate access to education but has the potential to provide them with tailor made instruction. Blended Learning, however, raises several new challenges for institutions.
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