The Council of Europe confronted with the refugees crisis: the role and answer from education

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Author(s)Jean Philippe Restoueix
Based on Human rights, promoted Democracy and Rule of law; obviously the Council of Europe is questioned, shacked by the situation of refugees, including by the fact that Turkey is full member of the organization. The different Council of Europe’ Conventions (European Convention on Human rights; Cultural Convention, Lisbon recognition Convention on recognition of academic qualifications …) provide a protection framework for refugees. Some cases already arrive in emergency procedure regarding a refugee that a member State wants to send back to Syria. In the Education field, the work is centred around 3 items:

  • The language of adult migrant;

  • The right of education of non-accompanied children;

  • The recognition of refugees qualifications based on article VII of the Lisbon Recognition Convention: Each Party shall take all feasible and reasonable steps within the framework of its education system and in conformity with its constitutional, legal, and regulatory provisions to develop procedures designed to assess fairly and expeditiously whether refugees, displaced persons and persons in a refugee-like situation fulfil the relevant requirements for access to higher education, to further higher education programmes or to employment activities, even in cases in which the qualifications obtained in one of the Parties cannot be proven through documentary evidence.

Several initiatives were already taken by different stakeholders and through co-operation between different international institutions.
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