Labourmarket and learning outcomes (The Flemish case)

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Author(s)Irene Hermans
The higher education system in Flanders is divided in professional higher education (PHE) and academic higher education (AHE). In 2003, it implemented the Bologna Declaration, with the bachelor-master structure, increased flexibility etc. University Colleges (PHE) can be associated to AHE to allow its student to pursue their education up to a PhD; Similarly, vocational education and training Schools (VET) can be in an alliance with a university college. A new programme at level 5 is now developed : an Associate Degree programme in tune with demands of the labourmarket.
Professional Bachelors use the Learning Outcomes (LO) to become more transparent to the labour market. There has been an evolution from competence to learning outcomes, and now on constructive alignment (2012).
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