2012 Seminar RPL: Report – RPL: flexible ties within higher education

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Author(s)Věra Šťastná
The Seminar devoted to the topic of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) was organised in Prague (Czech Republic) on 13-14 December in cooperation of EURASHE, ERPLN, the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and CASPHE. The event was attended by 87 participants from 26 countries representing different higher education institutions (HEIs), associations, ministries,
employers’ organisations, international platforms, educational research institutions and quality assurance agencies.

RPL was understood as recognition of the knowledge, competences and skills gained outside higher education, either in formal education (e.g. short cycle programmes, non-traditional programmes, vocational programmes etc.) or in non-formal and informal learning. From a learner’s perspective, the recognition of prior learning is most commonly undertaken with one of the following objectives: to gain admission to a higher education programme or to progress in higher education studies.

The discussions at the seminar clearly showed a change in perception of higher education and understanding that it plays an important role in regional development also vis-à-vis regional economic needs. An increased offer of learning opportunities for non-traditional learners can help not only deal with a shortage of expertise and professionalism in the region but also promote
better employability of citizens. RPL can thus contribute to widening participation of those groups of students and learners, mostly mature ones who are underprivileged at the labour market at the given time or serve as prevention if justifying a worker certified and recognised qualification.
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