Quality and quality assurance of student-centred learning

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Author(s)Asnate Ka┼żoka
The workshop will explore the concept of student-centred learning and look at the quality assurance in/of student-centred learning. The speaker will briefly present outcomes of two recent studies by the European Students' Union - "Time for paradigm shift: student-centred learning" (T4SCL) project which was aiming to clarify the true practical meaning of the student-centred learning for policy makers and the "Quest for Quality for Students" (QUEST) project concentrating on defining what is quality education from the viewpoint of students - and draw conclusions about the connection between the quality of education and student-centred approach. Author will tell a bit about the current and planned work of the ESU in this direction (PASCL project). Then the session will look at the current quality assurance mechanisms/procedures in the context of paradigm shift from teaching to learning and question whether they are still relevant and fit for purpose and how can they further promote student-centred approach.
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