Lithuanian experience in Internal Quality Assurance

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Author(s)Viktoras Senčila
Stakeholders, as a group or individual who is affected by or can affect the achievement of a higher education institution, are very important players in internal and external quality assurance. Depending on involvement stage, stakeholders could be also either internal or external to institution. Internal stakeholders for HE institution are: students, teaching staff, academic managers, non-academic staff and researchers. Externals stakeholders are: governments, employers, professionals, graduates, potential students and their families, QA agencies. Internal and external quality assurance mechanism could be influenced by different approach and different viewpoint to the object of quality in internal and external quality assurance. In general the concept of quality assurance is focused more on outcomes achieved by higher education institution and could be recognized as more suitable for external quality assurance. Quality management approach is processes oriented and could be more useful for inside activities. Correct identifying of stakeholders of HE institutions and their role in quality assurance are important steps towards establishing competitive advantages for HE institutions, identifying of their needs and setting up the means to meet them.
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