Profiling and Quality Assuring Professional Higher Education

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Author(s)Anthony F. Camilleri
The 'professional' moniker of PHE seems to imply that it has a distinct set of characteristics, different or in addition to the characteristics of Higher Education as a whole. To this end, EURASHE has embarked upon a three year project to:
• map the understanding of Professional Higher Education across Europe
• characterise and define the 'professional' element within PHE
• understand what qualifies as quality provision of this professional element
• express the quality element as a set of quality criteria
• test the validity of these quality criteria through piloting
• examine the feasibility of turning them into an operative quality instrument such as a label
The presentation will give an overview of progress so far, in particular focusing on the characterisation and definition of the 'professional' element, and invite participants to become involved in the next steps with the aim of reaching a common European understanding of quality PHE.
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