Quality Assessment in the University Institutes of Technology, an Original Process in the French University System

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Author(s)Armelle Motte, Brigitte Noc
Our presentation will deal with the auditing process and quality assessment in the French University Institutes of Technology. Since the mid 1960s, the University Institutes of Technology have been training middle engineers and managers, with national curricula combining both a strong academic background with professional training in engineering and the service sector. The Institutes have a long history of successful partnerships with the corporate world, which is closely involved in the Institutes’ governance, the definition of curricula and the quality assessment process. The Institutes of technology have developed an efficient network of organizations both at the pedagogical and institutional levels. Thus the auditing process results from procedures and national experts’ committees jointly established by the Institutes’ network and the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education. The indicators that are surveyed range from the analysis of the environment, the implementation of the curricula, student achievement and professional integration to the strategic policy, relations with the university and general management. From the internal audits to the final experts’ conclusions, the evaluation system allows the Institutes to be responsible actors and a driving force in Higher education.
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