Quality Research at HEIs

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Author(s)Nicolae Dură
At the Ministerial Conference of the European Higher Education Area, which took place in Bucharest between 17 to 19 October 2011 - which was attended by stakeholders and ministers of education from about 50 European countries, where the leaders of our organization (EURASHE) were also present, represented by its President, Prof. Andreas G. Orphanides, Vice President Michal Karpíšek, and its General Secretary, Stefan Delplace, - it was remarked that the European Higher Education is found at the crossroads: between the Bologna Process and National Reforms (See A. Curaj, P. Scott, L. Vlasceanu L. Wilso, European Higher Education at the Crossroads. Between the Bologna Process and national Reforms, Ed. Springer, Bucharest, 2012, p. V-VI.). In other words, the process of the implementation of Quality Research does not have to be only in line with the priority areas of Bologna Process, but also with the National Reforms. The European dimension of Quality Research starts not only from a guaranteed flexibility for governments to choose their system or “model” of Quality Research - as it is often said - but also from the implementation of Internal and external criteria of this in line with the priority areas of the Bologna Process as well as with the National Reforms.
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