Опыт Ассоциации EdNet по развитию и продвижению системы гарантии качества в высших учебных заведениях Кыргызской Республики

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Author(s)Natalia Bragina
Education Network Association unites more than 30 universities of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. One of the key strategies of EdNet is to assist in reformation of higher education to achieve better quality. In Kyrgyzstan this is achieved through wide involvement of academic society in learning of international experience on quality assurance systems and development of relevant criteria, methodology, means and instruments responding local environment needs. So working group from 27 universities of Kyrgyzstan discussed widely international experience and in particular EFQM model as a basis for the local internal QA model on the conferences and seminars. Later the expert group in collaboration with European partners (NVAO) developed and introduced the Guidance of the organization of internal QA system in universities of Kyrgyzstan based on EFQM with relevant criteria and instruments. This work was done in close cooperation with the Ministry of education and science of the KR and project on higher education of the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan. EdNet is continuing education and implementation of the developed practices within universities.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2008 Seminar QA, EXEQUANT