Short-Cycle Higher Education (SCHE) – The Slovenian SCHE

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Author(s)Alicia-Leonor Sauli-Miklavčič, Majda Kralj
Professional Higher Education in the world appears under different names: as "Community colleges" or "Further Education" awarding "Bachelor degree", "Diploma certificate" or similar. In the OECD countries there is even one third of the population studying at the level and field of college vocational studies (English acronym "SCHE" – SHORT CYCLE HIGHER EDUCATION). This segment of study is widely spread in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. In the USA it exists since 1901. In the EU countries it is positioned at the fifth level of education within EQF – with about 2.5 million people students at this level, mostly in France, the UK, Nederland and Denmark. Some countries in Europe do not yet have it included in the regular education system, such as Croatia and other countries of the South-Eastern Balkans. On the other hand, in some countries, e.g. Czech Republic, there are different variations of this study, so it can be shorter or longer. In countries with unambiguous system of higher education, such as United States, United Kingdom, and other Anglo-Saxon countries, it is provided within independent institutions named "Colleges". In countries with a binary system of higher education, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, main part of continental Europe, this part of HE is an option within applicative HEIs, named „Universities of Applied Sciences“ or „University Colleges“. SCHE is organized as an independent branch.
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