Nursing education in Serbia and the problems the profession of nursing is facing

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Author(s)Nikola Petrović, Gordana Arsić-Komljenović
Nursing is a professional activity, which requires continuous development, monitoring and constant adjustment, based on scientific observation.Modern nursing favors education as a priority in the professional life of nurses. Higher education of nurses is a priority of modern states.The problems of modern nursing are most evident in the lack of education and lack of progress in the profession. There is a long tradition of the nursing “call” in Serbia, and education for nurses exists on the level of secondary schools, higher schools and faculties. In hospitals and health centers throughout Serbia there are currently 50415 nurses and technicians. In our health system, barely one in ten nurses has a High medical college or Faculty degree, while the legal minimum in the European Union is 30 percent.In addition to that, in the positions of head nurses are nurses without higher education, the health care is undefined, and Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia did not systematize the jobs of professional nurses and specialists. With the new possibility of master programs, it is necessary to define and make distinctions between roles of nurses of different level of education, to make pay grades and give greater institutional support to nurses who wish to further educate themselves.
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